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Post Rating System

*Now, this is just an idea, in which everyone is welcome to make suggestions, criticize, and adapt it to their own wants or needs*

What about implimenting some type of individual post rating system, so people having a glance (or even reading though) would know which information to trust, and which should not be bothered with?
(Now I'll try to relate this as much to the topic as should be.)

Missinformation really sucks, and when everyone seems to be an expert on the subject, who can you trust? Should you only trust people with the 'Age Verified' Title? (Rhetorical Question) Maybe you've had some trouble in the past with missinformation, and only trust really high ranking members?

What about a system where you can see which posts are 'highly rated' easily, and you can get which information to trust, and on the other hand see which posts are 'lowly rated', and which information is incorrect or useless.
*For an easy ^read, I'll just do this as a Q and A format to cover the points.*

Q: 'What if most people don't have the proper information, and the correct info gets burried?'

A: 'Only certain people who meet the expectations can rate a post, so the experienced members can spread their wisdom.

Q: 'What expectations would be needed to rate a post?'

A: 'Well, some possible ways is having a minimum time requirement at ASC.
1.For example, only (AV'D?) members who have at minimum two years on ASC are allowed to vote on posts.
2. Another set of expectations is more of an infectious system, in which a group of highly ranked or trusted members are allowed to vote. Then, those who have a minimum of *THREE/FOUR(?)* *STARS(?)* after a set number of posts *25(?)* can also vote.
3. A combination of both

Q: 'How I can easily tell which posts are highly rated and which arn't? I don't want to have to glue my eyes to my screen to see if four out of five pixels are coloured.'

A: '*Perhaps a border, or four out of five *STARS?* shown in the user info? Maybe an image of something next to the user avatar?*'

Q: 'Will the post rating system be in every section of the forums? I don't want to have my overall average affected because I didn't post a really funny joke in the 'You Laugh, You Lose' thread.

A: 'No, the rating system will only be implimented in specific forum sections'.

I figured I might as well throw this out there, I think the worst it can do is be buried.
Unless it gets implimented, it screws up, ASC fails, and I'm the root of it. AFAIK.
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