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Originally Posted by magicmint View Post
In terms of viability, what is the difference between the two? What would you guys rather use in a game? I have a GBBR Scar, and if I were to start playing in the future I though of using it. What do you guys think?
AEG pros,

works in cold weather
mags cheap
proven tech
consistent fps shot to shot
sustained full auto fire

AEG- cons
not great in wet weather
charging batteries
no recoil

GBBR pos
Realistic feel and operation
generally simple construction
works fine in wet weather
no batteries
heavier BBs don't go slower

GAS operation- cooldown- so no sustained full auto
Expensive mags, prone to leaks
Realcap mag capacities ( I dont see this as a con personally)
does not operate below 10degrees c unless CO2 mags used
Inconsistent FPS
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