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Unless you're conveniently located to and Age Verifier (i.e. I work downtown TO and Redneck worked downtown so I just hopped on the subway at lunch time and met with him)....your best bet is to go to a location that has an age verifier (i.e. TTAC3, Army Issue,, etc...) or go to a game where there'll be an age verifier.

- some places (i.e. TTAC3, are not just "drop in whenever you want" type places...make an appointment or go when there is an event there (TTAC has something pretty much weekly)

- some games don't have an AV'er can post up in the game thread (even if you don't have anything or aren't going to play) asking for one...sometimes a local AV'er will make it a point to stop in to AV guys at the beginning of the game.

- other games will have more AV'ers at it than you can shake a stick at...for example I think this Sunday's game at Flag Raiders will have a number of AV'ers there. I'm pretty sure CAPS' Open House at TTAC on the 15th will have at least 3 AV'ers there.

- it's a bit out there...but I think Zeonprime AV's people at a coffee shop by his work on some given morning.

Basically your best course of action is not to message out and try to meet an AV'er one on one. All of them have lives and unless you're around the corner from them it's tough to schedule that kind of stuff.

Most effective way to do it is to hit a good game and tag someone there. If you don't know who's who....just ask the host and they'll point you to the AV'er.

Even if you're not setup to game that's worth seeing how a game's run and what others are doing. Ask's the best way of compressing 6months of trolling the ASC forum into 30 min of chit chat. (don't ask a ton of questions right when the game's trying to get started....wait until a break/lunch/etc...)
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