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With having a Tightbore you should note that it's not the "tightness" of the bore but rather the "consistency" of it's straightness. Tightness does play a factor but less than it being consistently straight.

Take these two examples.

Which do you think will shoot a BB out more "accurately" (lets say out to 120 feet before it starts to fly in every which direction). A 6.07 mm barrel that's perfectly straight or a 6.04 mm barrel that might have a few very minute kinks in the barrel.

However SRC gen 3 is definitely where it's at. It's basically like the QC improvements that CA made from their original guns like 5 years ago. Where people would buy a CA with no intention of keeping the internals (like toss out the internals and keep the externals and drop in a TM gearbox).
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