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Looking for information on biodegradable BBs

First off, I'm not an airsoft player. I don't know my way around the activity and I haven't tried it before.

My questions:
What kind of plastic are biodegradable (not photodegradable) BBs made of?
How much time do they take to degrade?

And a little backstory as to why I'm asking:

As some of you may know, paintball shells are made with gelatin. They degrade pretty quick; in my experience any unopened paint, depending on the humidity it is exposed to, will no longer be fresh after a month or two and go out of round. Gelatin soaks up water so fast that even a drop will make a paintball unusable. In other words, paintballs have a short shelf life and are very sensitive to weather and climate.

Paintball fields can only afford to sell paint for cheap if they sell a lot of it. If a small field owner who doesn't sell a lot of paint buys in bulk for a cheaper price per case, he risks having a lot of product go bad but being forced to sell it anyways. Nobody likes bad paint.

A week or two ago, a new company started to promote a paintball with a two year shelf life that's immune to water. They say the shell is made from corn based plastic, which they claim to be biodegradable. I think it's PLA but I'm not sure. If their claims are true, a small field will have no problem buying a lot of this paint at once and selling it off over a comparatively long time.

There has been a lot of speculation on these so far, and I had a though; what if this is the same plastic used to make biodegradable airsoft pellets?

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