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Don't need to be worried about that. Why are you getting pulled over in the first place? Do you like in Jane and Finch or Regent Park?

Unless you're swerving in and out of traffic at a high speed and cutting people off I doubt you'll get pulled over and the officer will be in a bad mood. Most of the time if you're honest (even if they're in a bad mood) nothing bad will happen of your stuff if you explain you're going to a paintball or airsoft field.

Also as Crunch said nothing wrong with possessing a black gun once it's in Canada, at the border it's a different story though and they play by their own rules. Although the caveat is that you shouldn't be a minor with said gun because there are provincial bylaws in place preventing sale of airguns (that includes airsoft, .177 pellet, and paintball markers) by minors.

PS: You want to know who else doesn't need a criminal record here? All the Engineers (who want to be Professionally Registered) as well as the Lawyers and such. That's because it looks bad for their profession and association itself so they tend to bar people with serious criminal records from joining the associations. ie. If I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, Professional Engineer, Teacher, or Lawyer and I had a gun smuggling charge I would probably be barred from getting my professional designation and membership in such associations.
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