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just a word to the wise, getting age verified (if you're over 18) will help you get access to almost any AEG available at pretty decent prices (for canada)

if you're not in canada (fill in your profile) then disregard that last comment, but expect to have some comments like 'get AV'd because we won't help you unless you're AV'd'

this is due to people trying every way imaginable to get around the rules that are there to help canadian airsoft as a whole (no underage b*stards playing in the open, getting shot by police and susequently having the soccer-mom brigade explain the shooting as 'AIRSOFT!!!!111!! rather then 'i raised an idiot')

unfortunatly i can't help you as to G&G AEG's.. but i thought i'd just like to point out to everyone else that you're not asking WHERE to get this AEG, just for information on it (which is NOT prohibited, until you ask where to purchase from )
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