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Deleted unrelated, useless posts and posts which were, for the most part, already answered earlier.

I see several people wanting some vacation time away from ASC.

Originally Posted by Belaslav View Post
Question: Does owning a non-restricted firearm licence make your life easier in terms of owning "non-clear" airsoft firearms?
Nope, you having your PAL/RPAL has absolutely nothing to do with airsoft in this country. Welcome to Canada.

You're options are:

1) Buy either online from an existing dealer from within Canada, there's lots.

2) Get Age Verfied for ASC. That will give you access to the Classifieds sections (I've personally gotten a lot of good deals there) as well as access to our supporting retailers. Age Verfication does not make you bulletproof, allow you to fly or divide by zero, it just opens a few extra doors here on ASC. Some retailers use our Age Verification system to ensure they only sell to +18, but it really has no basis outside of these boards.
ASC Age Verifier for Red Deer & Area Alberta

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