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Now that my blood pressure's dropped (thanks for all those wonderful PM's you guys I infracted, gave me a good laugh) to the OP, are you part of a school/college program or is this a private venture? If you're part of a program, you're instructors will have this information. My daughter went through a theatrical program here and firearms training for stage & screen was part of her curriculum. If you're private, your best best is to local an armourer that caters to the theatrical & movie industry and see what they can do for you. There's an outside chance that some of the players in your area may rent you their guns, but that's between you and them to arrange.

If you're some kid wanting to film a "war movie" in his back yard, good luck with that. If you're actually serious, you have a lot more you need to deal with first. Be prepared to answer every question professionally and do some more research to make sure you can film what you intend where you want and what you need to do to follow through with it.
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