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All off topic, flaming and otherwise useless posts deleted and offending parties infracted.

1) Newbie Tank - NO FLAMING!
2) Age Verification was intended to prevent minors from accessing Classified sales on ASC ONLY! The "AV" Badge under you name does not give you superpowers. It grants you access to the Classified and the Age restricted areas on ASC, nothing more.

If the Newbies posting here are either too clueless, lazy, stupid or arrogant (impatient "ME" generation types) to read the FAQ, search Google or even bother to look at the ads on the top and bottom right of the screen, then just don't reply. Members of this board are becoming way too hostile towards the newer players and the staff is getting sick of it.

If a Newbie truely wanted honest information, they would most likely do some, I don't know, RESEARCH before blindly posting questions.
ASC Age Verifier for Red Deer & Area Alberta
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