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Air Guns/Replica's Help - Movie

Hi guys,

The past few weeks I've been looking extremely hard to find guns that look similar to well.. real guns (I don't care if they have the orange tip). I need cheap guns like they don't even have to work. I just need rifles and handguns.

L80's, M16's, M4's, Deagle's, Mp5's anything basically except for AK's.

I can't seem to find any that look anything close, and I've already tried shipping from the states... well that didn't turn out well :/ I realize the laws are messed in Canada, I can't seem to get anything that's cheap and looks real.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Is there any gun graveyards?

I need these for a film. Are there any guns around 50 - 100 dollars, or even less I don't care if they don't work as long as they look real.

Also, I still don't understand the laws in Canada, if it has to be clear or something, that I can't have I need it to not be clear.

Thanks guys,

Sorry if it really is a newbie question.
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