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Clear lower receiver means if an officer asks you for a look in the weapons case there is no "gray" its an air soft gun

legal counsel definition of air soft gun "non lethal non licences non registered firearm"
that means its still in the category of "firearm" theres just no laws that require it to have a licence or be registered. But regardless you pull an air soft out in public even crossman clear soft its brandishing a firearm.

air soft guns have been considered to that point since atleast 1990. the "gray" part is: is it an air soft gun? or is it a replica? Same can be said about the "m4 paintball guns" as they walk into the same gray as most air soft, but fully assembled m4 paintball gun no longer looks like a true m4 it looks like a paint marker upon examination. same can be said about the clear or tinted receivers. It makes the air soft portions clearly visible upon examination

My suggestion to those reading is get your air soft weapons case lock and make the mechbox identifiable with out opening the gun a lot less issues but no more or less legal

They say Canadian legal because they are easy to identify as air soft over replica

This info comes from some 15 court cases summed into a nice small simple spoonful for noobs to find them selves. As well as legal counsel interpretation of the "Canadian legal" no since making a topic for this when a noob decides to necro something old. You still need to do your study
Its still alive? It should be dead by now. The famass that will not die. It only ever gets used because it has not fired its last shot yet. When I can't patch it up its going to be hung on the wall like a good version 1.
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