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I Know I may not have much say here but for the last 3-5 years my memory's a little fuzzy I have observed this board. as a +1 or otherwise.

If and this is a big IF. Religious and political discussions were allowed here with the members we have. I am 99.99% sure that a discussion that happened when I started to observe this forum would have ended in bloodshed. If it were not for the moderation and censorship this forum would have fallen apart. It is my belief that it was then that it was decided that the one political or religious topics to touch these forms be air soft based(getting air soft to be out of the "gray" and fully "black and white") and even still I have seen some of those get a little harry.

Personally heres my opinion not that you wanna hear it

Thank you to all the moderators and admins for keeping our forums safe productive. Thank you for having the members best interests at heart. You take the time out of your day to make everything in this forum run smoothly. And I know that if the need should arise where an admin is abusing power they are taken care of. and to all those who would oppose the censorship of proper communication on these forums "lick my left nut make the right one jealous and go to hell."

P.S. Most forums I go to I am usually one of the ones to start a thread like this one and its rarely political or religious threads disappearing that I complain about.
Its still alive? It should be dead by now. The famass that will not die. It only ever gets used because it has not fired its last shot yet. When I can't patch it up its going to be hung on the wall like a good version 1.
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