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Originally Posted by terrorist one View Post
the second is the Censorship of alot of discussions on this forum. Even thought sometimes the debates are fairly political and well entrenched. they are interesting. There was one debate on here about the ground zero Muslim temple, that was fairly interesting and also one that i made on Racism on the field and all witch had a direct connection with this great sport.
Let me reply to that since I'm the one who trashed that particular thread.

Simply put, as Bean pointed out, there's a No Religious/Politics Debate rule.

Why? Because it's like arguing your favorite color or icecream flavour and it usually degenerates and gets ugly.

I agree the ground zero temple topic is interest: I certain have my own views on it -- views which would get both cheers and jeers, depending on whom you ask. But we've had the discussions in the past and if it works well with most users, there's always a small handful of smartasses that will post trollish comments and derail the whole thread. There are plenty of other places to argue about it if you're so inclined: this happens to NOT be one of those places. This is, first and foremost, an airsoft forum.

Point in case, the thread broke the rules and got trashed. Nothing more complicated or more sinister than that.

You aren't allowed to park in front of fire hydrants: if you do, your car gets towed and you get a ticket. Not because there's some huge conspiracy, not because anyone is trying to keep you from parking, but just because you broke the rules. Freedom does not equal complete anarchy.

It's that simple.
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