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Originally Posted by tcc View Post
Hello All,

Just received my brand new G&P WOC GBB with all the upgrades. I was wondering how does one go about "fitting" the collapsible stock (Magpul CTR) to the shooter? How does one determine how long/short it should be? Is there a proper form the gun should be positioned?

I did a search but couldn't find any topic on this.


Eye relief is only really a factor if you have magnified optics. Optics that have fixed or adjustable magnification require your eye to be at a certain distance from the device in order to see the whole field of view and align the site properly.

If you have a red dot or other non-magnified aiming device (irons), eye relief is a matter of preference. Although with irons the ghost ring needs to be close to your face to allow them to work properly.




In either case the stock should be adjusted so it is comfortable, but the main goal is to make it quick and easy to get sight alignment without fidgeting or having to readjust your grip on the gun or it's position once you shoulder it.

There are two major factors to sight picture:

Alignment - Your eye, the rear site, the optic, your front site and your target must all be aligned for you to be accurate. You may or may not have all these parts in your aiming system, but the principle is the same. EYE>AIMING SYSTEM>TARGET

Support - Proper alignment relies on proper support. There are 4 main contact points: shoulder, cheek, right hand and left hand. Depending on what sling you have you may be able to add two or more additional support points. Your stock should be adjusted so that you can get a proper, repeatable cheek weld. The cheek weld makes the EYE part of Alignment the same every time. The other contact points must be easy to find, index, and maintain via muscle memory (without thinking).

For instance, if you have the stock too long, you might get a good cheek weld still, but may have trouble properly reaching the foregrip with your weak hand.

The best thing to do is practice. In most cases you won't need to move the stock unless you go from mag optics to non mag.

You could use it to shorten the gun for CQB, but unless you practice with that change, just leave it be. or get a shorty for indoor work.

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