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Deleting threads, Censorship is nice!

I have been watching this forum for about a year know and have noticed 2 trends.

The first is the Cool kid trend, where all these guys that have self esteem issues like to get in everyone's faces about how noob there questions are and all. but thats not why im here.

the second is the Censorship of alot of discussions on this forum. Even thought sometimes the debates are fairly political and well entrenched. they are interesting. There was one debate on here about the ground zero Muslim temple, that was fairly interesting and also one that i made on Racism on the field and all witch had a direct connection with this great sport.

I work in the military and i am dam proud of it, defending democracy is the reason why i joined. I dont understand where the need is to delete the treads that are interesting.

In a democratic society debates is very important and it helps with the advancement of our general way of thinking. If there where no debates there wouldn't be a Parliament. The Queen would tell us what to do.

so what i dont understand, is that most of you find this ok.

i can continue on but i will finish with this. I support the troops, there for i support what they stand for, that is democracy, debate is a fundamental element to this democracy and i support it.

ps. for thous who plan to just right shit and think its funny. note that you will be ignored.


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