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Originally Posted by Iroh View Post
Lol about the flaming... i thought that cuddave been a problem so i posted here. Im currently going to school in America so im just wondering if i could get to transfering my gear there and back. airsoft guns are way cheap here... Ive recently got AVd and looked at the selecting of AEGs and GBB. to me its weird that clearsoft being sold in classifieds cost the same as a brand new if not more expensive pricing. I know Canada has tough airsoft laws but mann prices are steep... i'm just trying to get around it since im currently living in America anways thanks for the input and ill still be waiting for more posts on this subject i just gottah know for sure so that maybe i can save lots of money but getting through this.
I don't think there is anyway around it, if there was I'm sure the people here would have found it by now. I personally would not want to try and bring one over from the states. It's hard enough getting across with groceries theses days. Atleast in Niagara Falls it is.

Also, about the flaming. Take it with a grain of salt and don't let it get to you. Just think of it as a hazing. Besides, you've been granted a couple of days grace. Most people are out at Milsims this weekend. LOL.
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