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The Story Unfolds

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Used to work with Peter, don't anymore, wish I could help.

I really don't understand why people will pay someone to order things that they could just order for themselves and pay less for it too which is what 90% of their sales are, just retail price orders made with a Big Shark markup on it.
He claimed the shipping would be less as he was making a large order at bulk pricing, figured I'd give it a try since I got the gun no problems and it still shoots fine despite what I've heard about him and "new" guns.

Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
Demand your money back, if it's been 6 months like you said you should ask for a refund of some sort. He closed his shop in Splendid and Moved over to Pacific Mall, he's dealing with those Anime DVD stores there that have the guns in the windows so try and find him there.

Also hearing stories of guys giving Peter their guns to fix and they get it back broken, fixing someones glock right now who got it broken by him. Just had to put the nozzle spring back in takes 20 seconds to do, and Peter or whoever fixes guns there ends up breaking the whole trigger assembly.

Also another guy dropped off his WA Beretta there to fix, mind you I was still working for him then. Didn't pay much attention to it, I quit and now work somewhere else still dealing airsoft. The same guy walks in and says that he wants his gun back and cant find Peter via his cell, email and store and says that he's had it for 9 months... And he just wants it back fixed or broken.

Also I dont know what he's doing is legal, his store in splendid is closed everyday never open for sometime now (now it's gone completely) but he's taking the stock he's getting from Mach1 and taking them to Pacific Mall to be placed at the DVD Stores. I dont know if this is true or not but wasn't it Mach1's policy that in one location there can only be one exclusive retailer for their line of products? Which of course is Ken from MyToys who moved upstairs recently.

So my theory is that he only kept his store open in Splendid to get the exclusive dealership on the products and just sending them over to Pacific Mall to be sold to the larger crowd. Which is unfair in every sense, I know monies, money but could he do with Integrity instead of backstabbing other dealers and customers who trust him with $300+ items?
I'm just putting together my own order now, he says I'll have my money back the first week of October, we'll see I suppose but I'll be getting it back regardless, there no way he'll get away.

Seems I'm not that only one that knows Peter, thanks everyone for contributing to the thread.
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