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Originally Posted by Tempest VI View Post
I see what you’re saying. The charger says for 7-8 cell batteries. Being a total of 14 cells, I would have to charge each battery individually. Then, make an adaptor to run both at the same time. Though I am curious to see what would happen if I straight up tried to charge that 14 cell pack.
If you have a smart charger and it let's you put a current through the massive battery, make sure you do it in an open area with ventilation.

I've 'accidentally' blown up NiCad's and alkalines before and some were messy. One that I remember was a 9v alkaline. It was burning hot after charging with an 'alkaline' charger (or so it claimed) so I left it in the middle of the kitchen table. Made a loud pop, that I could hear from upstairs, and it ended up a few feet from where I left it.
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