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We have a business group that gets together a couple times a month and some of the topics that might help in making the decisions on this original idea might help.

1. Investing in passion for passion-sake is VERY dangerous.
2. ROI needs to be reviewed in your business model: time-frame, interest rates and carrying costs projected, etc.

The reality of the business model is that given some cooperative arrangement with present land owner(s), outside of the GTA, you might be able to be up and running without a ton of the initial overhead you are going to see in your initial proposal. I am talking about 20 to 40 minutes drive in a Northerly radius from the 400/401 corridor. There is land for lease in this radius, some with existing structures you might be able to work with. Real estate searching will be your biggest initial task, because if you can wrangle that, everything after that will sort of fall into place more reasonably. I did this exercise years ago with paintball (yeah I know: bad word, but the exercise was interesting). That business model relies heavily on the sale of balls and when this gets exchanged for pellets and equipment from a sales standpoint, I am not sure how it trades dollars with the model I am familiar with. I think you have to tie in the model with equipment sales...gear and guns, I'm thinking but someone else will have to chime in on the profit margins there. My guts says the only response you'll get around here will be the standard woe-is-me sales rhetoric, but I could be wrong. Someone please prove me wrong. I must have about a dozen serious ideas which are money leads as you go down this potential investment road, but they will all rely on your willingness to be creative about generating revenue streams. Anyone who is so unenlightened as to suggest that there is no money just hasn't got the creativity to be an entrepreneur. You CAN make money with this, but it all stems around some very simple business principals and if you don't stick to them, you fail. Simple! BUT...this CAN work, if your business brain is engaged and you have a healthy amount of creativity, energy AND...LUCK!!! Don't discount that! If you ever want to sit with us in our business brainstorming meetings, PM me and we can get you scheduled in.
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