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Most all indoor places around you are 350fps max....and most outdoor fields are 400fps max.

Bolt action sniper rifles are sometimes allowed higher velocities...that is based on the user being trusted and proven competent.

Note...that chrony reading is with 0.20g BBs. Boxes often publish FPS ratings with other lighter weights of BBs since it results in a better spec number....but fields/games use 0.20's as a reference weight for those FPS numbers.

Some specific games allow higher velocities for everyone (i.e. up to 450fps max)...those tend to be the minority around here.

FPS limits are up to the specific host for that specific game. If it's not clear...ask the host.

DO NOT TRUST the published velocity rating, the general "this is what mine shoots", or guestimate reading. Buy a chronograph or buddy up with someone and split one.

A lot of games will have chrony checks before you can play...and it's a pass/fail. You either shoot under or you don't. It sucks balls to get all set for a game just to find out the minute before that you're a no-go for the game.

It's fairly straightforward to alter the power of an essence it's a simple spring swap. A M90 will shoot 300-340fps (all readings with 0.20's) in most rifles...a M100 will usually do 330-360...a M110 will usually put out 380-410fps...(BIG generalizations because of the variance rifle to rifle).

If you want a "I don't want to worry about not chronying under for a game" setup...aim for a spring power one lower than the max. 380fps is a real sweet spot for a lot of setups.
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