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Originally Posted by ScarecrowM14 View Post
theve only had 1 airsoft gun be seized and it was sent to the customer a day after it was seized sooooo
Only 1 seized? Yeah right. Think about this; Some Phenom 555 chips are just crippled X4 955 "Deneb" chips. How many people do you hear of saying their chip doesn't unlock to 4 cores vs how many say they've had success. The results are simply skewed. Also because they've had seizures by the CBSA then what they're doing isn't entirely legal either sooooo......

Originally Posted by tentebunete View Post
Greetings everyone! Joseph aka Tentebunete- A noob airsofter wannabe is coming your way. I'm in the process of gearing up and haven't decide yet what gun to buy to start this hobby. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. So far my first choice is the vfc sofmod m4 from mach1. I'm still checking the websites for other guns and browsing the forums for valuable information. So I guess you have to wait a bit more for me to become your target dummy in the field. :infantry:
Good to hear, a tip is to not buy useless stuff you probably don't need or will use. Just start with the basics and hopefully see if you can get someone to be a "mentor". When I started it was with a set of BDU's and a gun, I borrowed my safety goggles and vest. That being said it's better to be prepared so things that I definitely recommend are; good eyewear, good boots (hiking or military your choice, I use hiking boots with a composite toe and steel shank down the sole), BDU's, and maybe a vest/chestrig (but that can come later). No need for a fancy pistol holster and GBB pistol or a fancy flashlight and whatever other accessories you can get your hands on just start with the basics.
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