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Originally Posted by BobbyDangerous View Post
Going to hit up a surplus while i'm there. What should i grab? I was thinking of picking up some decent Tac boots for the winter and some rare to fine BDU's... Any suggestions? Anything? Anybody?
I doubt you will much of the "rare" stuff there that you can't find on e-Bay. The cool stuff is also the stuff you can't bring pack to Canada.

There is a big surplus store west on Sahara. But, to be honest, spend your $$$ shooting some guns, and the rest on entertainment.

If you want close-to-the-strip gun stuff, try Citadel Gun and Safe (west of I-215 behind Caesar's Palace), The Gun Store (west on Tropicana) and American Shooter (on Arville north of The Palms) for the cool guns and rare accessories.
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