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Exclamation Beware of Big Shark

Well it's my first post even thought I've been a member for a while now. Mainly since I've been waiting to turn 18 which happened back in June but heres my story.

I began my airsoft adventures with a little shop I found that goes by the name "Big Shark". I bought an TSD L86 to plink around in the back yard which went fine, I received the item was taught how to use and maintain it properly and safely. Some time later I went back and found another person that I hadn't dealt with before, the shop owner, he seemed nice and we got along well so after buying a glock to start up my collection for future play I went ahead and ordered a VFC SCAR-H through him for a pretty penny which I also received without issues. At the same time I ordered the SCAR I had given him a list of items I'd like (vests, boots, magpuls, etc). He told me in two week's I'd have it, two weeks comes and goes. I received no tracking number or receipt or anything to that effect. He claims he ordered it from airsoft club and that he bunched the order with others to save on shipping. A month passes, nothing at all, another month and so on until now. It has been 6 months since I ordered with him and have yet to see a single trace that the order had even existed. He now claims that the order was shipped back to china due to an issue at customs with duties...

Beware of this shady shop and it's owner Peter Ho. I'm still trying to get a hold of him to get my money back for what was seemingly never ordered, I hope it's resolved soon and without issue. I believe the store moved recently from Splendid China Tower to Pacific Mall. I'll update the thread as things unfold.

I suppose this is also my intro thread but it's the wrong seciton so I'll keep it brief, the names Paul. Turned 18 in June this year, still own the L86 and SCAR-h and Glock but with no other gear games are very difficult to get through, I look forward to meeting you in games!
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