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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Because mini batteries are so much better?

Why insist that someone must get a large battery? He's got 2 working mini batteries in hand. Combined in parallel will work almost as well as a large.

Originally Posted by Tempest VI View Post
It's for my AUG, but I have two mini right now with me and another battery that I have no idea the size but its exactly identical to having two mini side by side. That how it was running all along since I got the gun. The gun is deans and those mini aren't. So I figured while I was changing them over to deans if I should just make them one battery so I less crap to worry about.
First check that your charger can charge a parallel 7 x 2 cell pack.

If I was to do what you want, I'd solder a female mini deans connector to each pack. Then make an adapter with 2x male mini deans wired in parallel to a regular female deans connector.
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