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Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
Of course, you don't explicitly encourage parkour, but if an idiot decides to do a 360 jump off a wall onto the next building, hey, its his funeral =/

Also, if you want a field that is on the edge of the city, I would look into it, I really don't mind.

reason I proposed that field is cause back in Hong Kong, there simply ARENT fields on the outskirts of the city. The whole city is a concrete jungle surrounded by ocean from all four sides, so people simply open up airsoft fields smack in the middle of the city. Nobody seems to care.
Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
1. Parkour if done correctly with the proper training is very safe. Most normal people without the training will know that jumping off stairs might lead to injury. But if someone wants to jump off stairs anyways, there is no way to prevent him from doing so.

2. Hong Kong is a city, part of China. Not a country in of itself. They were colonized by the british until 1997, so their laws are more similar to the U.K. than China's. Canada was also part of U.K., and still is from a certain point of view. Therefore, comparing Canada to Hong Kong isn't exactly apples to oranges.

3. Getting windows shot at by stupid kids is only an excuse. You have as much of a chance of getting ur windows shot at by stupid kids as having a rock/baseball/puck thrown at it. With properly built arenas, there's also a slim chance for accidents to happen. What people are really worried about is the psychological stigma associated with Airsoft. OMGS THAT GUY IS USING A SCARY LOOKING GUN!!! WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREENNNNN!!!!????? Being so close to America, we as a nation have also started to fear everything that moves. When our airport security confiscates a bottle of water and safety razors, that's when people should realize something is wrong.

4. Last time I checked, Paintball nation doesn't do airsoft, sadly.
Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
I was not arguing for the airsoft facility to open up in the residential area at that point of this thread. I was simply stating the overprotective mentality of North America in general. But if someone WERE to open up an airsoft facility near a residential area, it would be preferable to be concealed from public eye i.e. in a forested or walled area.

Ok... I'm not sure you are grasping what we are telling you.

You have also effectively threadjacked someone else's topic of discussion with this idiocy.

Please stay to the newbie tank and leave this person's thread alone.

Noob idiocy is only protected in that section, not anywhere else on ASC.

Learn more about what airsoft is in ontario and refrain from posting garbage. If you want to talk about Parkour I'm sure they have a great many blogs and forums dedicated to just that hobby. If you really must talk about it, then post it in off topic.

Lastly, player safety is a huge aspect of our community and your laissez faire attitude towards the safety of those playing airsoft around you makes me uncertain if I would want you playing at one of my games, assuming you are even old enough to do so.

*edit* oh and PBN will do airsoft with specific hosts. I should know I hosted the first airsoft game there before they even opened the doors to the paintballers.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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