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Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
my KSC mp7 (taiwan vr.) is accurate about 120-150 feet. Both guns are very loud
well, I havent properly adjusted my fps on it yet, lol.... coke can chrony isnt good.... but much cheaper then a 100$,

I'll probably play with it at the field next time.. :P

Also for the hopup adjustement... the perfect setting seems to be located in between two of the "clicks".... I might have to open it, and sand down the click adjustement grooves.. :S

I also have the KSC Taiwan version... and yes, they are LOUD!... :S

Originally Posted by cjboi View Post
KWA or KSC will not make P90. I've talked to allizard from KWA and he said KWA is not planning on making a P90. They'll be receiving different colors for their MP9 soon though
Yep, becasue of the location of mag.... gas will ahve a hard time traveling sideways, or

It would be like making a gbb with an upside down mecanism... :S

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