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Too lazy to go through that pain again. My scores vary A LOT (sometimes, I just give up quarter-way), and I never took the liberty of keeping records, lol. My highest was somewhere around 70.

I can give you the following hints:

1. Distance between two dots on the scope is 1 milliradian.

2. 1 Mil (Milliradian) at 1000 yards = 1 yard. (same with the metric system.)

3. 1 Mil = ~3.5 MOA (Minutes of angle)

4. Formula for figuring out the distance to the target is

Size (yards) x 1000
-------------------- = range (yards)
Size in mil

5. Wind speed at 1.5, 4.5, 7.5 and 10.5 o'clock is a half-value wind. (will have some properties of head/tail winds)

6. Head wind and tail wind is a factor: Head wind causes you to hit low, tail wind causes you to hit high.

7. Formula for converting inches of wind drift to MOA is

Wind drift (inches)
----------------- = MOA wind adjustment
Range (yards)/100

8. Adjust wind MOA to the direction it is blowing.

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