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Thank you everyone for actually understanding my first post.
Look, sniping is for certain people, it takes a tolerance, and an enormous amount of patience. Ive gone through hours of "game play" and got 1 to zilch kills, the sniper role is so blown out of proportion in video games and the media. The primary role of a sniper on the battlefield is reconnaissance, secondary being to eliminate targets of interest if it is given to you in the mission briefing; When I snipe, it's in milsims to take out a high profile target, if it's a regular game, I am supporting my team mates or relaying enemy player information to my team. And when it gets right down to that shot, one shot is all it takes, you can't get frickin' double tap and be slamming out rounds if someone starts shooting at you. Remember the sniper motto:"One shot, one kill"...just sayin'
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