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Originally Posted by MasterSniper View Post
Salut,je joue au airsoft et ji acheter un A17-ris Mais je veu passer a de plus haute performence et jme demande si le L96 est un bon snipe durable et precis a long porté? Quelle marque est pas un clone fait par les chinois :banghead:? et quelle site je pourrait m'en proccurer un vrai L96 ? :wink:
Que veux tu dire par VRAI?

Sais-tu au moins de quoi tu parles en disant :

"pas un clone fait par des chinois?"

Originally Posted by Mr Haezelnut View Post
Ohhh.... Right. That makes sense. I'll see if i can do that tomorrow when the places open up. Thanks for the clarification.
@Mr Haezelnut How old are you please?

And looks like you DID NOT understand what the ppl on this forum have been telling you....

You remind me of myself 2 years ago, I was underaged, and after playing some COD: Modern Warfare 1, all I wanted was, to buy a sniper rifle, and "headshot-pwn" people in the field.
I went through alot of complication to buy myself a sniper rifle, but finally got it, bought a scope after that, painted it, did some mods to id, then.......after plinking/shooting with it for few months, I hated it, sold it... and bought an AEG... And discovered why ASC members always recommend us to buy an AEG, and not a spring rifle... AEG has the SAME RANGE! and also has a HIGHER rate of fire!

Trust me, I knwo from personnal experience!

PS: This is airsoft, NOT a point-and-shoot video game, theres no such thing in this sport... The ammo we shoot is too light, wind will always deviate your

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