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Also to say he wont be happy with a cheap sniper rifle well who knows, I bet with the info given by the OP that he would be.

Its like playing all the time with a walmart aeg and then telling someone they wont be happy with a kraken. I bet a kraken is the kings shit compared to walmart guns.

having fun is only what you make of it and how many times have the guys with top of the line guns not had fun because they are against a team of terminators that don't like to call hits?

IMO if you want to spend the money on something just spend it and find out the hard way if you like it or dont.

One thing I like by the OP was he stated what he wanted and what he currently used.

I remember some locals tell me when I got into the sport don't get that cansoft crap you wont like it, but I did get cansoft and still go back to that gun all the time and have a great time with it.

but to each their own
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