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Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
Of course, you don't explicitly encourage parkour, but if an idiot decides to do a 360 jump off a wall onto the next building, hey, its his funeral =/
As the owner of a venue, its your responsibility to ensure safety. What kind attitude is "if he wants to do something dumb, let him die"?

Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
reason I proposed that field is cause back in Hong Kong, there simply ARENT fields on the outskirts of the city. The whole city is a concrete jungle surrounded by ocean from all four sides, so people simply open up airsoft fields smack in the middle of the city. Nobody seems to care.
Hong Kong is a different country, they have different standards. you can't compare them with us.

In addition, that location in mississauga is not the wisest. The amount of teenagers in that area at any given time isn't a good thing. Sure its seperated by a railroad track, but you still have the commercial building right at the corner, and i'm sure people working there won't appreciate the windows getting shot at by stupid kids.

There's already an outdoor field at the border of mississauga/brampton. Paintball Nation has it, right in the powerade centre. Although their choice of venue isn't the smartest, since it's right next to the highway and every time i've passed it, i haven't seen any sort of fence or barrier.
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