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Originally Posted by dogtoy View Post
Yep the kid is screwed up ,The kids with airsoft is defiantly a problem & we all worry what people will think of airsoft ,
& what will happen to airsoft , when these things happen , None of us here wants those who are not familiar with the sport/hobby to get a bad perception of it ,...yet I can tell you the last few years Ive been coming here I do wonder
what someone would think of the community if this site was their first exposure
Personally I find the fact that many cant seem to put more than four words together without the fourth being a curse, kind of does a disservice. you wouldn't have to look far to find that,...
& then there's the threads where the goal is to see who can be more vulgar or gross people out more ...
For a site that is supposed to be showing how mature the airsoft community
is...I do wonder what first time users or authorities would think of us after reading some of what makes it on here ....
Im not complaining about anyone ,..just the general trend Ive been seeing
food for thought thats all....
If this site is supposed to show the mature side of airsoft, why are you typing so horribly? Basic punctuation, spelling and formatting aren't necessary for maturity anymore?

Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
the Canadian social services program sucks. Foster homes are brutal. it won't help him. it's up to him to get his head straight
Actually, one of the guys I work with is a foster parent. He has two foster kids I believe. He's is like a father to them, he treats them no different than his own kids. It is tough on the kids though.

As for a 12 year old causing a ruckus with the police, I'm unfazed. I've seen this happen countless times with Native kids (or First Nations, or Aboriginals, or whatever they prefer to be known as). At this age and younger several are already well into a life of crime. Perhaps it comes with living in poverty.

Also, I always find that many people overreact when the news reports a replica firearm is used in a crime. It's happened many, many times before and it will happen many, many times to come. The sky is not falling. Airsoft hasn't been banned yet and I doubt it will be in the future. Especially now that the RCMP and CBSA are somewhat in on the deal.

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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