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So my newbie question for the day is.
"Does anyone know if there's anywhere around the lower mainland area where I can test out my gun, so I can get the feel of it and adjust the hop up as needed"

I was thinking of going to a shooting range if they'd let me, but the ones around where I live are full of those cocky douche bag hicks. Who will do more then laugh me off the grounds.
I don't have a car so going to a field like Bigfoot during games isn't that open of an idea for me, hell going to lots of games isn't that likely since I only have 1 friend who plays and has a car.

Before anyone tries to flame, I'm not stupid, I'm not going to be taking it out into the forest or any of that retarded stuff. The reason I'm asking is I'm hoping there's other players around me who know of places I can go to get a feel for it. Or even if anyone around the PoCo area that plays wouldn't mind letting me in on a car pool, that would be even better (I will help out with the cost of gas considering how far away the field is, and the price of gas now a days)

Thanks for your help guys.
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