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Mr Haezelnut
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Question Snipers in Canada.

Hey there everybody,

I'm going to start out by saying that I am a complete noob at airsoft, and in no way am I interested in the 'High end' guns that you find at 007 airsoft, redwolf, and places like that. I play with Wal-Mart grade guns. Because i'm on a budget. The fact that these guns are clear is absolutely no problem to me. I just want to shoot stuff.

Anyways, on with the question. I am on the lookout for a clear, fairly good quality sniper (with or without a scope), that i can get into or from Canada. I found one on, for 50 bucks (link: ) but i'm not sure if i can get it into Canada or not.

So if you know any places/websites that i can get a sniper from Canada, or from the US into Canada, or the one that I previously mentioned, I would be very thankful. And no 1159.99 Dragunovs from UNC.

Thanks alot!
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