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Originally Posted by ianbreman View Post
Thats just it. I've tried to be nice for a long time now. And I'm still waiting for a reply.
I did meet a member here who is going to try to contact one of the Avers for me to meet up at the swap meet on Sunday. So hopegully that works out.
Sorry if I sounded upset, it was supposed to be panicy/funny. new to forums never had a use for them until now. I don't do the text thing either so how to sound certain ways with your lol and lmfao (whatever that means).
speek completely normal as if you were talking in a real conversation, acronyms are use a bit here but 90% are military lingo, no one "texts" on these forums we're a mature crowd here anyone who "1337 speeks" (the typing that is purposly spelt wrong and with numbers "leik th1s" is often told to fuck off.

emotion and sarcasm is hard to pick up in type obviosly as no one's an author here and can't portrey emotion into type that well, best not to "try to sound" like anything it'll often be taken as immature babble of a kid who thinks they are entitled to everything, which is the greatest enemy to airsoft in canada.

just speek normal on here and people will understand you great and will get along with you, patience is a virtue here also, if you want ANYTHING airsoft related in canada just expec to wait 1-2 months and be pleasently surprised when it happens right away.
Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.
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