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Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
Instead of the Toronto, you could try Mississauga. Mississauga, a 1 hour drive from Toronto, doesn't have any airsoft field, arena, or shop. You will get practically no competition, plus the fees for running the business will be cheaper than Toronto.

One innovative idea regarding airsoft facilities would be the merger of airsoft with parkour. Although the effectiveness of using parkour for dodging is questionable, getting from point A to point B with it is not. Instead of an outdoor field, you should focus on an urban setting that offers a more varied game play. From my experience from First Person Shooter games, the most popular maps are not ones with a big area. Rather, it is the complexity of the map that wins the hearts of those players. Maps that have 3-4 levels, for example a basement, ground floor, 1st, and 2nd floor, with many stairs, elevators, ladders offer a level of variation in gameplay unprecedented by any "plain old field". More importantly, those who are familiar with parkour can better take advantage of the urban environment.

An outdoor field is not without its merit however. In an outdoor environment, good use of camouflage is an integral part for a teams success. Weather can change, turning a forested area into a mud field or a blizzard making advance difficult. Therefore, I propose an airsoft arena that combines the two, enabling situations that place an assault team attacking from the outside, and a defending team inside. If someone from assault wore a ghillie suit, it will now work against him in the building; if a person from the defending team ventures out into the fields, he might find his load-out inadequate for the environment. If indoors and outdoors were to be combined, the map wouldn't even have to be big. Undoubtedly, the size of one football field would suffice. In the end, its not how many acres the place is, its how you utilize it that's important.

By the way, living in Mississauga, I heard a landlord is planning on selling/renting a piece of his land. A small private school across the street from that field is on his property. But when the principal expressed her desires to move the school to another location, the landlord tried to persuade her by giving her part of the field for sports related activities as well. However, after a many years, nothing have been done with the field for reasons unknown to me. If you are seriously considering opening an airsoft arena in Mississauga, I strongly recommend you to look into it. There are many advantages to this particular field. Next to a mainly Chinese oriented shopping plaza that brings in thousands of people per week (the parking lot is packed on weekends), it is unquestionable that it is a location where most people in Mississauga will know of your business. Plus, since most Chinese are already familiar with airsoft (they call it "war game" in Southern China and is a popular recreation) most of them wouldn't mind spending their weekends in such as fashion.

p.s. I am new to this forum, and this is my first post. Although I have never scrimmaged before and my knowledge about airsoft being limited to what I read (and I do read a lot) and the guns that I have fired, my knowledge with the area is not. So if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If there was an airsoft arena in Mississauga already, I would've undoubtedly invested piles of money on airsoft already.

Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
Eesh, that'd be great place to have shop, not to sure about field. Since it being so close to that concrete jungle, I think you'd have some outcry from people that know nothing about the sport, but still would oppose it. It's annoying, but it happens. In Connecticut, there's an airsoft place called Ground Zero. The shop itself is off to the side of the city, maybe a 10 minute drive from downtown. However, it owns a field which is a 15 minute drive from it. It is very popular, and it is continuing to do good business since 2005
Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
You'd need to convert that field for the proper zoning which I doubt you will get if you build it as an airsoft only field. You'll have to probably go airsoft and paintball.

As well there are many problems posed by being so close to other buildings and such. I know there is a field in North Van which is bordered by a community centre on one side and a set of train tracks on the other. There are apparently a lot of problems with paint "accidentally" hitting the trains as well as the wall of the community centre on the other side. Note there is mesh but it doesn't protect against everything.

Chayce: although your post about the location wasn't thought out very well I have to commend you on the rest of your post because that's a pretty good observation of what a good playing field/level is although you'd still need to worry about redoing the field and changing it up or it will get boring.

NO. To that location, to getting rezoned and to use FPS as giving you any sort of idea of what the real world is like. Parkour would be discouraged just due to the insurance liabilities alone. *Edit* this post has been heavily cut down to avoid snarkiness. There are PB operations in Mississauga and Brampton.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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