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Well, looks like I've almost succeed! I still need to actually do it, but I've got the appointement set and paperwork ready for me. I'll let you know how it turned out.

For those in the Montreal area:
Call this number: 1-800-263-8125
Choose your language, then option 4, give them your tracking number, and tell them you want to clear your package yourself. To make sure it works, try to do it as soon as the tracking says it's been scanned for export from the originating country (so before they decide to clear it in-house).

They'll have you get to the 1221 32e avenue, Lachine (UPS Office) to get the paperwork, then to 10765 Côte de Liesse, Suite 217, Dorval, to the CBSA office to fill in the paperwork and pay applicable taxes, and then finally back to the UPS Office with everything filled in so you can pick up your package.

The only additionnal fees will be federal taxes.

EDIT: Sticky? That could be very useful for others I'm quite sure.

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