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[quote=jonney.;1316926Their customer service is terrible! plus all lot of the items are very low quality, [/quote]

They have a great selection of items, from quality, high end brand name items to the cheap economy brands. They don't carry some of the higher end stuff Redwolf or UNC carry, and they carry some lower end stuff those places don't carry. But there's a large overlap in the stock between eHobby and all the other major Asian airsoft retailers. As for items being in stock, I've quite often had to buy something from eHobby because UNC, WGC and Redwold didn't have the item in stock. So I don't think that statement is fair at all.

There's only 1 issue I have with eHobby, and that's their substandard communications. I can wholeheartedly agree there. Communications tend to be slow and inconsistent. And if you have issues, it's hard to get them sorted out in a timely manner.

Otherwise though, I've bought from eHobby many times and always got what I ordered in a timely fashion.
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