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I ordered some mags for my Crosmam CO2 airsoft pistol back in Dec, total came up to $28US, I chose the cheapest postage offered, basic US Post Ground, and waited. A week or so later, I get a notice from UPS saying they popped by to deliver, they would try again the next day (seriously, I'm at work you idiots!) and if I wasn't around for the thrid time or make arrangements, they'd send it back. I had to call to make arrangements to pick it up at the depot, pay the $20 brokerage fee (ya, $20 brokerage on a $28 order)............. fuck UPS!!!!

I still don't understand how choosing basic ground 'Snail Mail' ended up becoming UPS shipping. I learned UPS sucks 8 years ago when I ordered my leather flight jacket, cost was $300US, exchange rate sucked back then, so $200 more........... shows up at the door, UPS guy wants $100 brokerage fee........ fuck!

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