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Originally Posted by Space Bot View Post
Well it took me a couple days cause I forgot about this thread sorry Najohn.
So I ordered a CADPAT BDU, Tac vest, Shemagh, gloves, knee+elbow pads, boonie and a pair of G&P goggles.

Shipping took 2 weeks. Packaging was exact same as everyone elses, BUT since I ordered so much stuff they sent it in 2 packages.
1 was that parcel thing... still amazed at how much they managed to cram into it.
and the other actually came in a box. Kind of confused the hell out of me, I open the box, and it actually smelt really nice... like those really sweet smelling air fresheners haha.

Najohn, you'll be happy to hear that the BDU is actually supprisingly good quality considering the price. It's a nylon cotton mix, really comfy. I noticed on the washing instructions they put "Nachine wash" What I really love about the BDU, is that when it's cold out, it keeps me warm, but it breathes enough to keep me cool when it's hot out.

Over all, everything I ordered (About $140 worth of equipment... $80 shipping) is pretty good quality. Only problem I have is the pads. You can't adjust the tightness of them, it's just a stretchy band and pinches the skin a good amount when wearing them for an hour or longer.
No worries, this will help out for all those who have interest in Cadpat attire! THANKS!
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