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Originally Posted by TDH View Post
Well Colt Mk IV
Whatever you do, DO NOT get cheap brand name pistols. When it comes to AEGs, I'm fully in support of more budget brands and people modding, upgrading, etc.

When it comes to pistols and any gas blow back gun, you REALLY get what you pay for. While there may be a couple of limited exceptions to that rule, never cheap out on your GBBs. You'll find many cheaper brands (like Well) are made of substandard materials, their mags are crappy and leak like sieves, parts are incompatible with anything else and when they break, you're stuck with a nice paperweight.

If you're going to buy a pistol, get TM or KSC / KWA. That's what it comes down to. Those are the reputable brands with readily available replacement / upgrade parts, easily attainable and reliable magazines, etc. It's really worth the money to get the good stuff.

If money is a concern, then you can take a step down to KJW. While not as good as TM or KSC, the majority of their guns are TM clones, so parts are interchangeable, the guns are upgradable, magazine compatibility is there, etc.

In terms of exceptions, I'd say a WE Hi Capa isn't a horrid choice. Their mags are more reliable than most other low end brands, and you get a gun that will last you a while. They're not the best and have some problems that appear in some of their guns, but generally nothing that can't cheaply be repaired. It's completely TM compatible, so that helps matters a lot as well.

The Army Glock 17 is supposedly a pretty good choice. It's also TM compatible and built quite well. I haven't any personal experience with it, but owners seem to speak quite highly of it.

So bottom line, you get what you pay for with GBBs. Buy cheap, and you'll find yourself with a broken and / or worn out gun in no time. In the long run, you'll pay more keeping one of those cheap guns working than just buying a good one in the first place.
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