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Not purchased...yet but imminently!

hey guys...I appreciate your time and knowledge. I am a toy junkie so am actively hunting and an immediate purchase does not exclude future purchases, so I'm o.k. to make some mistakes.

I was contemplating a double pistol setup...was thinking of two Well Colt Mk IV although I would love to get a couple PTP MKIV if I could find them...any thoughts on that?

Thanks again, so much for your time and knowledge. I am grateful!

Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Do you have a pistol yet? Or are you trying to figure out what's compatible with what?

...cause it's dependant on the type/make/model of your pistol.

...there's already a pistol/mag compatibility thread for and reference that.

If you're just randomly poking a TM Hicapa. Then buy TM Hicapa mags.
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