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3 coffees later and I'll try to put in a bit of positive advice....

The UPSIDES to doing this in the GTA/TO/surrounding areas are:
- there are lots of experienced players and groups to draw from (if you get along with them of course) for information, advice and pointers
* field setup
* desireable field features
* playability of the environment
* danger/hot spots
* targeting your player ($) base
* running/hosting games
* etc... there's local guys who know the lay of the land and who are willing to help/advise/participate.

- there are numerous examples of what works and what doesn't

- establishing and maintaining a good rep is key
* fields that are deemed "dangerous" are dropped like a hot rock and the word spreads FAST
* fields that are "caustic" (i.e. poison ivy, mostly swamp, etc...) tend to be avoided
* fields that put up with idiots are struck from the "lets make sure we play there" list pretty quick (i.e. shooting out lights, busting up the place, unsafe conduct, alarming the public, etc...)

The major hurdle to bound is the limited numbers of airsoft guys who will come out regularly (i.e. weekly). As Brian described, there just aren't enough bodies to support a venue with just airsoft. Mix in other training (mil/police), games (i.e. zombie themes, cosplay, who dunnit, parties/events, paintball), proshop and whatever else and entreprenure could cook up...and you'll find that airsoft play probably ends up as one of the minor sources of revenue. If the place is good and has a good rep the airsoft stream of revenue will be steady....but it'll be small in comparison to other streams.

Unlike paintball...there isn't really a consumable source of income with airsoft. Batteries and BBs are "cheap" and go a long, long way. BUT there is a huge accessory market and income to be had there. There is also a lucrative build/tune/repair market to be had...but it's a lot of work.

And...not sure how to put this politically....but here it is...
There's a good majority (in numbers) of local AS guys who are:
- cheap....perhaps frugal is a better term...but in layman's words they haven't regularly got $400 a month to dump on airsoft/related...and if they do they spend it on gear/guns and have little left for actual game fees.
- non-mobile (i.e. they don't have access to a vehicle and are dependant on public transportation)
- fickle/picky....they don't like getting their stuff all goopy with paint, sharing time on field with others, will go hot/cold on a venue, like to be catered to.

* that said...if the venue/game is a "good one" they'll sign up fast and furious (a recent game signed up 50+ players in less than a week) and gladly pay the game fee even it it's higher than "normal". If it's a good game with good shooters...there's nothing stoping it from being a great event.

Best of luck
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