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Originally Posted by doc_pathfinders View Post
great attitude, no-one has it coming.. there is no reason that another person is justified in taking anothers property, EVER, it's sheeple thinking like this that degrades social order as a whole.
Ok doc you got me on that. Sounded right last night, but looking at it now.

No you do not have it coming, but If you are carrying an amount of cash on you that makes you want to think about attacking a man with a gun (You can call BS if you choose, but this is coming from the mouth of a hand to hand combat instructor i.e. Me) You are a dumbass. No amount of money should ever be worth your life. The only time you really want to even think about taking on a guy with a gun (get real here) Is when either your LIFE (or the life of another) is in danger not your WALLET.
In the end what I'm really trying to say here is

Is that better Doc?
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