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So lets talk about player base

An active airsofter is a person who plays more than 6 times a year.

VERY few people play weekly ... some play 2 or 3 times a month but they are not the norm.

The vast majority of players play 1 time a month in the summer and then not at all in the 4 cold months.

Now if your venue is Kick ass... it will attract players

you need 900 player sessions a month to meet your income targets.

if the average player plays 1 times a month you need about a player base of 20 000 to meet your target.

there are not 20 000 airsofters in the GTA...

its more like 1000 .... so to be profitable ( or to keep the doors open) pretty much every airsofter in the GTA would have to play at your facility every month... that is simply not going to happen

And this would have to be ongoing for 10 years for you to get your money out... so there will need to be substantial re-investment to keep the venue fresh and changing...

IF the player base was there such a business would be viable .. but it is not..

However if you also got contracts with Police to do training at the facility you may be able to develop other revenue streams to reduce the pressure on the Airsoft player base.

in all... it's a huge risk... If it was not... I would have done it already
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