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Airsoft sponsorship is a lot like SoftBall sponsorship.
There's really not much to gain but a bunch of grown ass men drinking beer at your place after an event.

Thats not to say that I do not appreciate and value all the support assistance and promotion I get from our local players asc and other Airsoft sponsors. But in Airsoft there are a lot of great quality people who like to be treated fairly and will patronize your business if you keep things open and honest, same as on the field.

I do everything I can to get more good players on the field, same as the rest of the players I know. Airsoft has grown expotentially the last couple years and there's more Sponsors on line than when I first got involved. But Most sponsors tend to understand AS as a distinct Hobby and not another form of PB. Sponsorship here seems more game and sportsmenship driven than Results driven. If Airsoft gets PB cor-pirate slimmy ad driven I think you'll find the list of "old skool" players will fade out and you'll only hear rumours of fantastic games played in crumbing warehouses somewhere of the grid.
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