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no coverage of airsoft will ever b good coverage unfortunatly, people will only see a bunch of guys shooting at eachother they'll think we're psycho's.

the general population is anti gun, I meen look at real ones, ya there's alot of good values and legit uses for a proper gun user, that they aren't scary at all like most people think, but everyday there's more people bashing them than their are who actually understand them, same will happen to airsoft because they too are essentially guns, and they're easier to get than most of their real steel counterparts.

airsoft and media coverage is a volitile mix. I see what your saying but it just can't happen we don't live in that world unfortunatly
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.
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