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Ares G36C spring question

Ok i have a question here.... I have read the spring chart comparaison so i know approx wich spring to buy. I have also asked the question to the guy who sold me the gun in MP and he was kind enough to give me a link for one spring.

But i have another question and do not want to bother the guy every time.

I have a G36C from ares wich is equiped with the easy spring replacement system. I have test the gun to the chrony with the actual spring ( wich i do not know the model installed ) and it gave me between 349 and 353.

I am cool with the spring but i do want to buy one wich i can reach near 400 and another one for approx 320-330 so i can cover with those 3 spring most of the game.

Ok here come the question, i have seen 3 kind of spring and i am confused

1- Systema Irregular pitch taper

2- Prometheus Non liner

3- or PSG1

My initial tought was to buy Systema M110 - M120 and M130 so i can have all the fps in stock.

I just want to be sure and buy the right thing and i was not sur about the difference between Non Liner and Irregular Pitch Taper.

Thanks in advance
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