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I gotta say, I always liked paintball but hated the spray and pray aspect of it, the hopelessly stupid look of the guns, as well as ammo cost... So that got poo-poo'ed.

Then I sat on my ass and played first person shooters for a few years (Like Raven Shield, CS, BF2...etc)... But that became boring (not to mention I get pissed at hackers to the point that I nearly snap...

Then a friend of mine introduced me to A/S... Holy crap, what a great combination of real time tactics, relative low cost , and guns... oodles and oodles of realistic replicas. Heaven I tell ya. (Ya, you still will find guys who cheat, but it's easier to call them out on it than on-line)

Now, I just started and have not enough gear as yet... but I did buy a starter gun and a vest and shit and have made it to at least a couple of events. I'm hooked.

Play hard, play honest. Most of all, have fun and be respectful of the community.

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